Forest park bridges

2019 AIA Small Projects Awards

2018 AIA Portland Architecture Awards "Honor Award - Small Project"

Located in Forest Park in Portland, Oregon, one of the largest forested urban parks in the country, the project consisted of providing durable, scalable, and safe replacement bridges for three popular and beloved hiking trails.

Fieldwork created bridges made of 4’ modular components that can be brought to the site by hand, thereby minimizing site disturbance and tree removal in this sensitive environment. Weathering steel structural components are highly durable and patina to tones that blend with the organic colors of the surrounding context.

Taking inspiration from the verticality of the native Douglas Fir groves of Forest Park, the vertical slats of the bridges emphasize views from the bridges up and downstream, and to natural environment beyond. Further enhancing the views, the railings are angled away from the path, inviting children and other users to pause, lean against the cedar handrail, and watch the moving waters below.

Location // Portland, Oregon

Scope // Design Architect

Collaborators // ESA Vigil-Agrimis

Photographer // Polara Studio