Tender Loving Empire, located a 750 sq. ft. space on NW 23rd Avenue in Portland, OR, is a boutique for handmade goods and a record label that supports and facilitates the work of local artists. Founded on a DIY bootstrap aesthetic in 2006, knitting together musicians, visual artists, designers and craftspeople, it has matured into a company that though growing fast, remains eminently approachable. Fieldwork’s approach to the work was to develop a spacial experience that both celebrated and elevated the mission and branding of Tender Loving Empire. The geometry of a city skyline arose from the coupling of folding hearts (the TLE logo,) and offered a jumping off point for design. Forms for the fixtures and furniture playfully echo the built environment and support the Tender Loving Empire iconography. The material palette embraces simplicity and the familiar, transforming everyday construction grade plywood into the extra-ordinary. Salmon colored ceiling/wall mural and neon lighting act as an invitation to passersby, and once inside, whitewashed plywood and key notes of brass support highly considered fabrication detailing and interior design.

Location// Portland, Oregon

Completed // 2015

Photographer// Brian Walker Lee