horacek dental

Horacek Dental is located in a building formerly used as wood shop in SE Portland. The project scope included inserting 4700 square feet of exam rooms, laboratories, administrative support spaces and a reception area into the existing shell. The design concept, based on the anatomy of a tooth, consists of two primary zones. The central ‘nerve’ of the project Is clad in a dark felt that has a calming acoustic and aesthetic function. The 'nerve' contains the laboratories, administrative and consultation spaces. The outer edge of the building, or ‘enamel’, consists of white plaster and Oregon White Oak, and is reserved for patient service. This zone includes the staff lounge, waiting area, and the examination and operatory rooms. These spaces are focused on large windows for views and natural daylighting. The design team provided architectural and interior design services, including a full seismic retrofit, and also designed and fabricated much of the furniture. The wood screen behind the reception area was fabricated by the design team using wood sourced from on-site demolition and the pendant light fixtures at the coffee bar were built from machinery salvaged from the former tenant’s workshop. Wherever possible, materials and finishes specified were re-purposed, have recycled content and were sourced locally.